Pourover & Mug
Pourover & Mug
Pourover & Mug
Pourover & Mug

Pourover & Mug

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This Melitta® ceramic mug with BPA-free brewing cone is a simple way to make a Big, Bold cup of coffee. Holds 12oz. of hot liquid. Black or Red. Hand wash.


We Know Bold

Make coffee the way you like it. Try different grinds, different brew methods, different coffee proportions. There are lots of ways to make a great cup of coffee.

How to Brew
Powered by Cows

 The electricity comes from wind and local dairy farms. The energy powering the coffee roasters is biogas generated by a landfill built specifically to recover methane from organic materials.

Our Mission

Coffee Roasted for Friends is our mission. Coffee brings people together to share ideas and stories, and when people come together, a community is formed and friends are made. 

Our Friend Philosophy

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