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Vermont Coffee Company’s products are available in most stores in Vermont and throughout New England in chain grocery stores.


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Coffee tasting

Vermont Coffee Company Q Graders regularly observe the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee to ensure product consistency.

During lunch employees work on jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles together, and annually hold Yahtzee tournaments.

Long-term staff carefully inspect and monitor each package of coffee for quality standards.


The Vermont Coffee Company CAFE offers coffee drinks, breakfast and lunch, and serves as a social and business meeting space for the Middlebury community.

Vermont Coffee Company roasts its coffee with 100% renewable energy.

Vermont Coffee Company products are recognizable on store shelves with its environmentally-friendly brown paper bags.

Vermont Coffee Company roasts 100% certified organic, non-GMO coffee and the big flavor and complex character of its coffees are highlights of a unique style of slow-roasting beans in small batches

Vermont Coffee Company has invested in energy-efficient roasting equipment making it possible to roast coffee with significantly less energy.

Paul D. Ralston, President & CEO, Vermont Coffee Company

Paul D. Ralston, President & CEO, Vermont Coffee Company

Marie Audet, Blue Spruce Farm

Marie Audet's Blue Spruce Farm, located in Addison, Vermont, is a Green Mountain Power Cow Power partner.


ICostco packaging trayProduct packaging for Costco stores touting the company's Renewable Roastery message.

Equipment from EBI Energie refines landfill biogas for Vermont Coffee Company roasters.

Filling our bags with fresh-roasted coffee. 

Incoming utility lines provide water, air, and renewable biogas to a roaster. 

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