Friend to the Planet


We are delighted to tell you that since April 2018, 100% of the energy Vermont Coffee Company uses to roast your coffee comes from renewable biogas* sources. Since we started this company we’ve been searching for a renewable energy solution for our gas-fired coffee roasters.

Our electricity comes from local dairy farms that operate anaerobic digesters to extract methane gas from cow manure and convert it into electricity (known locally as Cow Power). The energy powering our coffee roasters is biogas generated by a landfill built specifically to recover methane from organic materials.

Renewable bio-energy costs more to produce, so we pay a premium price to our suppliers. (That’s what it takes to make renewables sustainable.) There is no additional cost for you to enjoy slow-roasted, 100% organic coffee from our renewable roastery. We’ve been preparing for this day by investing in energy-efficient roasting equipment making it possible to roast coffee with significantly less energy.

* Biogas is produced by the biological breakdown of organic waste.




"I just bought a bag of your coffee beans yesterday at the Hannaford in Lunenburg, MA. Pulled out the “book mark” (that’s what I’m using it for ;) and read about the “Roasted with 100% Renewable Energy”!! COW POWER!! BONUS!! Woohoo!!

     I love supporting our local and small companies but I LOVE even more when I hear about how responsible they are being to this Amazing Planet we are blessed to live on!! It makes me want to support these companies even more! So THANK YOU!, THANK YOU!!, THANK YOU!!!
      And thank you for your deeeelicious coffee!!"
 Gratefully, Deni

 "My daughter and I have been buying your coffee beans for the past 2 years and really enjoying the coffee. Congratulations on now using 100% renewable energy. I commend you and your company for using “Cow Power” and thank you for doing your part in helping to come to terms with climate change."

 "Thank you for your continued commitment to the environment.  I have been buying your coffee for years at Market Basket, and more recently at Hannafords.  

     I was surprised and pleased with my last purchase, which contained the notice that you are now roasting with 100% renewable energy.
     Your company is a good example that “doing the right thing” can be a smart business decision.
     Thank you again, and keep up the good work!"


"I was stoked to open my coffee package this morning and read that you’ve achieved 100% renewable energy for your roasting operations! This makes me feel even better about consuming your coffee, and frankly supports a higher willingness to pay a premium price. I had been following Green Mountain Power’s cow power initiative, and I’m excited to see the manifestation of it in a product that I already really like. So congratulations and thank you for leading the way on the business energy transformation!"
Best, Josh