"Thank you for what you do. We love your coffee soooo much. I've had coffee all over the world, and Vermont Coffee Company is my favorite. I love your packaging, the FRIENDS program, and simple New England quality."
Ryan, New Hampshire

"I am a huge fan of your coffee!!! In fact, I'm staring at my "FRIEND" insulated Travel Mug as I type this email! It has been my trusty 'Every Day' travel mug ever since the day I received it a few years back."
Antone, Vermont

"We love your coffee so much that even though we recently moved to Tennessee, every time we visit New England we stock up on your coffee and bring it back with us."
Paula, Tennessee

"Hi Vermont Coffee Friends - hope this finds you well! As a coffee aficionado, I'm always on the lookout for new and different coffee brands. I was walking down the aisle of Stop and Shop last weekend and came across your DARK roast bag. As a Connecticut native, I always try to support local New England companies, so seeing "Vermont Coffee Company" immediately caught my eye. I grabbed a bag and boy am I happy I did! The mix of flavors is honestly unlike any dark roast I've had in the past.... I'll definitely be stocking up and telling my fellow coffee addicts about my recent discovery."
Filip, New York

"I love the DARK roast ... drinking it since you started your company. I don't like any other kind of coffee!!!! Really! Starbucks does not come close!"
Cheryl, Vermont

"Your coffee is the only thing that can get me to LEAP out of bed in the morning! Love it!"

"I moved to Vermont about 2 years ago and saw your beans in the grocery store. I bought the DARK roast and it is seriously the best coffee I have ever had in my life and I have been a consumer of coffee everyday of my life for 15 years."

"I found an 8oz bag of your coffee on the bottom shelf at our local Giant Eagle. There were only 3 bags there so when I went home and made the coffee and realized how much I loved it, my husband ran over to the store and bought the other 2 bags! We absolutely LOVE it. Believe me when I tell you that Vermont Coffee Company has made a new friend for life!"

"Makes my whole pantry smell great. I could chug this all day."
Donna, New York

"Tried your coffee a few months back and it's the first one I reach for at the store. Love your EXTRA DARK in my Aeropress."
Stephen, Facebook

"You guys need to make air fresheners and candles. I left a bag of coffee in my car and OMG it smells too good!"
Brenda, Vermont

"My wife and I simply love your coffee. We have a huge variety of local, national, and international choices of beans here in Chicago but nothing comes close to your products. We are spoiled as we always have the best coffee right at home."
Hillary and Ed

"I am a little late in expressing my joy in finding Vermont Coffee (Company) at Mad River Glen. I whined so much last season about the horrible coffee. I went so far as to accuse the mountain of serving instant decaf it was so bad. This season has been fabulous with the addition of Vermont Coffee (Company)!"
Kate, Vermont