"Frequent Friends are my favorite friends. You drink our coffee regularly, and you tell us how much you like it. Whether you’re hooked on our coffee, or you’ve just started drinking it, I appreciate your loyalty. To show my appreciation I’ve created our Frequent Friend® Program to say 'thanks.'”

Paul Ralston, President


Here’s how it works:

1.   Buy any of our 32oz, 16oz, 14oz, or 8oz packaged coffees.
2.   Look at the cool gifts below and then collect our coffee bags until you have     enough to redeem for the item/s you want.
      32oz = 2 points, 16oz = 1 point, 14oz = 1 point, 8oz = 1/2 point
3.   Download the Frequent Friend order form, fill out, and send in with your bag labels or some part of the bag.

You don't need to send us the whole bag.



    FRIEND Diner Mug
    Off-white. Porcelain.
    Holds 11oz beverage.
    7 POINTS

    Coffee Scoop
    Stainless Steel Tablespoon.
    7 POINTS

    FRIEND Therma-Tote
    Premium non-woven polypropylene.
    Zipper closure. Two outer pockets. Keeps food warm or cold.
    8 POINTS

    FRIEND Sports Scarf
    Polyester microfiber, multi-use scarf for all seasons.
    10 POINTS
    Package Coffee
    Any of our 14oz or 16oz blends!
    12 POINTS

    FRIEND Worker Ball Cap
    Heavy canvas Dri Duck. Adjustable strap.
    18 POINTS


    FRIEND Ball Cap
    100% cotton. Adjustable strap.
    18 POINTS

    FRIEND T-shirt
    Soft, thin 52% cotton/48%poly. Heather brown. Size: M, L, XL
    20 POINTS

    FRIEND Travel Mug
    Stainless steel unibody with vacuum-sealed plastic, see-through lid. Holds 20oz beverage.
    20 POINTS

    FRIEND Thermos
    Sleek, stainless steel, insulated bottle. Holds 16oz beverage.
    22 POINTS

    FRIEND Door Mat
    Coconut fiber and nylon. 29.75"x18"
    25 POINTS

    FRIEND Hoodie
    50% cotton/50% poly. Zippered with two front pockets. Dark brown.
    40 POINTS

    WE KNOW COLD Hoodie
    50% cotton/50% poly. Zippered with two front pockets. Black.
    40 POINTS

    FRIEND Teddy Bear
    Made by our Friends at Vermont Teddy Bear Co. in Shelburne, VT.
    50 POINTS


    Our FRIEND Wall 


    Some examples of how our FRIENDS redeem
    their bags for FREE STUFF

    Eben and Rebecca, Connecticut