FAQs about our ground coffees

Why are you selling ground coffee?
Our Friends are diverse, with equally diverse lifestyles. Some prefer the ritual of grinding and brewing a fresh cup of coffee, while others prefer to have their coffee ground for them. We like to make all of our Friends happy.

Which of your blends are available in GROUND?
Extra Dark, Dark, Medium, and Decaf.

Why a new package? 
In order to fulfill our commitment to fresh, quality, big, bold coffee to our Friends beyond Vermont, we needed to consider an alternative package to our kraft bag. One that keeps the ground coffee fresh for a longer period of time. The one-way valve and film allow this to happen.

Will the coffee keep longer?
Yes. The valve bag is filled with fresh-roasted coffee and flushed with nitrogen to remove oxygen. Nitrogen is an inert gas and will not affect the taste of the coffee. The one-way valve enables the coffee to de-gas and remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Is the package resealable?
Yes! You can use the attached tin tie to reseal your package to keep your coffee as fresh as possible. Remember to store it away from light, moisture, and heat.

What is the environmental impact of this package?
This package is made of mixed plastics. Wipe out the bag and reuse it for storing snacks, sewing notions, candy, Legos, nuts & bolts... we'd love to hear how you reuse it!We are working on sustainable improvements in all aspects of our company, this includes all of our packaging. We are exploring recyclable and compostable solutions. You can also redeem this bag through our Frequent Friend®program. Look for the FREE STUFF logo on the side of the bag!

Has your kraft bag been replaced?
No. We love our kraft bags! We still sell our WHOLE BEAN coffee in our kraft bags. You can find them throughout Vermont, in select stores in the Northeast, and here on our website.