We started roasting coffee in a small café in Bristol, Vermont in 1979. The first coffees we roasted were for our friends. That is why we are COFFEE ROASTED FOR FRIENDS®. This is more than a slogan for us, it is our mission. We believe that coffee is a social stimulus that brings people together to share ideas and stories. When people come together, a community is formed and friends are made. 

     We are a FRIEND to the planet. We made a big decision and in 2018 became the first coffee roaster in the Nation to roast with 100% renewable biogas. Over the years we've developed a unique style of slow-roasting our coffee in small batches, which caramelizes the beans and brings out the semi-sweet, chocolate flavors.In addition, this coffee is also grown under natural shade in a habitat that is healthy for people, animals, plants, and the soil.

     We want you to have big, bold coffee. After we roast our coffee we use packaging to protect the fresh beans from light, air, and moisture. The paper bag blocks out light, and the poly bag prevents moisture and some air from affecting the flavor.
    The paper bags and closure labels can be redeemed for FREE STUFF! Learn more about our Frequent Friend Program™ here.
    Our Low Density Polyethylene LDPE poly bags are manufactured here in Vermont. They are recyclable, and like most LDPE, are reformed into items such as bubble wrap, floor tiles, sandwich bags, trash can liners, and yes, compost bins!
    Many grocery stores have a soft plastics drop-off bin where you bring our poly bag to be recycled. Or you can repurpose them for carrying your lunch to work, sorting lego pieces, holding party favors, just to name a few that our Frequent Friends have come up with. (We posted on Facebook in June 26, 2013 asking our Friends to tell us how they re-purpose the poly bag).

To find a drop-off bin near you click on this link. 

     We are a FRIEND to our farmers. We value relationships with our growers and their commitment to organic practices.

    We are a FRIEND to our community supporting those in need of food and shelter.  

    We are parents and grandparents, artists and musicians, quilters and knitters, welders and carpenters. We are sugarmakers and volunteer firemen. We golf, ski, kayak, bicycle, and do Sun Salutations. We swim in the rivers, hang our laundry on the line, and wear wool. We read paperback books and write letters in longhand. We stack our own woodpiles and we attend Town Meetings. During lunch we work on jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles together, and annually hold Yahtzee tournaments.We love roasting coffee for our friends.