Coffee Roasted for Friends


We started roasting coffee in a small café in Bristol, Vermont in 1979. When we outgrew that facility in 2007, we moved to Middlebury, Vermont. We are a community of hardworking folks who love to ski, kayak, grow our own food, play music, make art, and stack our own woodpiles.


The first coffees we roasted were for our friends. COFFEE ROASTED FOR FRIENDS® is more than a slogan — it is our mission and how we do business. Coffee is a social stimulus that brings people together where a community is formed and friends are made.

Friends to our Customers

We source only the highest quality, certified organic coffee from the great coffee regions of Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Peru, Sumatra, Honduras, the Caribbean, and others. We slow-roast it to deliver a big, bold flavor.


Friends to our Planet

We use 100% renewable biogas and electricity to roast our coffee, which is grown in a habitat that is healthy for people, animals, plants, and the soil. Over the years we've developed a unique style of slow-roasting our coffee in small batches, which caramelizes the beans and brings out the semi-sweet chocolate flavors of the coffee.


Friends to our Farmers

We value relationships with our growers and their commitment to organic practices.



Friends to our Community

We support our neighbors in need of food and shelter. To learn more, and to find out how you can also help, click here.